(MBT) Nairobi Action Plan 2005 – 2009

IV. Assisting the Victims

5. Article 6 (3) of the Convention calls for States Parties to provide assistance for the care rehabilitation and reintegration of mine victims. This constitutes a vital promise for hundreds of thousands of mine victims around the world, as well as for their families and communities. Keeping this promise is a crucial responsibility of all States Parties, though first and foremost of those whose citizens suffer the tragedy of mine incidents. This is especially the case for those 23 States Parties where there are vast numbers of victims. These States Parties have the greatest responsibility to act, but also the greatest needs and expectations for assistance. Recognizing the obligation of all States Parties to assist mine victims and the crucial role played by international and regional organisations, the ICRC, non-governmental and other organisations, the States Parties will enhance the care, rehabilitation and reintegration efforts during the period 2005-2009 by undertaking the following actions:

States Parties, particularly those 23 with the greatest numbers of mine victims, will do their utmost to:

Action #29: Establish and enhance health-care services needed to respond to immediate and ongoing medical needs of mine victims, increasing the number of healthcare workers and other service providers in mine-affected areas trained for emergency response to landmine and other traumatic injuries, ensuring an adequate number of trained trauma surgeons and nurses to meet the need, improving heath-care infrastructure and ensuring that facilities have the equipment, supplies and medicines necessary to meet basic standards.

Action #30: Increase national physical rehabilitation capacity to ensure effective provision of physical rehabilitation services that are preconditions to full recovery and reintegration of mine victims by: developing and pursuing the goals of a multi-sector rehabilitation plan; providing access to services in mine-affected communities; increasing the number of trained rehabilitation specialists most needed by mine victims and victims of other traumatic injuries engaging all relevant actors to ensure effective coordination in advancing the quality of care and increasing the numbers of individuals assisted; and, further encouraging specialized organizations to continue to develop guidelines for the implementation of prosthetics and orthopaedic programmes.

Action #31: Develop capacities to meet the psychological and social support needs of mine victims, sharing best practices with a view to achieving high standards of treatment and support on a par with those for physical rehabilitation, and engaging and empowering all relevant actors – including mine victims and their families and communities.

Action #32: Actively support the socio-economic reintegration of mine victims, including providing education and vocational training and developing sustainable economic activities and employment opportunities in mine-affected communities, integrating such efforts in the broader context of economic development, and striving to ensure significant increases of economically reintegrated mine victims.

Action #33: Ensure that national legal and policy frameworks effectively address the needs and fundamental human rights of mine victims, establishing as soon as possible, such legislation and policies and assuring effective rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration services for all persons with disabilities.

Action #34: Develop or enhance national mine victim data collection capacities to ensure better understanding of the breadth of the victim assistance challenge they face and progress in overcoming it, seeking as soon as possible to integrate such capacities into existing health information systems and ensuring full access to information to support the needs of programme planners and resource mobilisation.

Action #35: Ensure that, in all victim assistance efforts, emphasis is given to age and gender considerations and to mine victims who are subject to multiple forms of discrimination in all victim assistance efforts.
States Parties in a position to do so will:

Action #36: Act upon their obligation under Article 6 (3) to promptly assist those States Parties with clearly demonstrated needs for external support for care, rehabilitation and reintegration of mine victims, responding to priorities for assistance as articulated by those States Parties in need and ensuring continuity and sustainability of resource commitments.