(CCM) Vientiane Action Plan 2010-2015

Vientiane Action Plan

VI. Victim assistance

11. States Parties with cluster munition victims in areas under their jurisdiction or control will:

Action #20 Increase in 2011 their capacities to assist cluster munition victims on the basis of plans and proposals presented at and following the First Meeting of States Parties, as national and international resources become available.

Action #21 Designate a focal point within the government to coordinate the development, implementation, and monitoring of victim assistance policies and plans in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2, within six months of the Convention’s entry into force for that State Party and make sure that the focal point has the authority, expertise and adequate resources to carry out its task.

Action #22 Collect all necessary data, disaggregated by sex and age, and assess the needs and priorities of cluster munition victims within one year of the Convention’s entry into force for that State Party. Such data should be made available to all relevant stakeholders and contribute to national injury surveillance and other relevant data collection systems for use in programme planning.

Action #23 Integrate the implementation of the victim assistance provisions of this Convention in existing coordination mechanisms, such as coordination systems created under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) or other relevant Conventions. In the absence of such mechanisms, establish such a coordination mechanism actively involving cluster munition victims and their representative organizations as well as relevant health, rehabilitation, social services, education, employment, gender and disability rights experts within one year of the Convention’s entry into force for that State Party.

Action #24 Ensure that existing victim assistance and/or disability plans can ensure fulfilment of the victim assistance obligations under the Convention or adapt such plans accordingly. States Parties that have not yet developed such a plan, should do so and ensure that a comprehensive national plan of action and budget address the needs and human rights of cluster munition and other ERW victims.

Action #25 Review the availability, accessibility and quality of services in the areas of medical care, rehabilitation and psychological support, economic and social inclusion, and identify which barriers prevent access to these services for cluster munition victims. Take immediate action to increase availability and accessibility of services also in remote and rural areas so as to remove the identified barriers and to guarantee the implementation of quality services.

Action #26 Within one year of the Convention entering into force for that state, review national laws and policies, with a view to meeting the needs and protecting the human rights of cluster munition victims, ensuring that national legal and policy frameworks do not discriminate against or among cluster munition victims and those who have suffered injuries or disabilities from other causes. Implement relevant national laws and policies, which were newly developed or modified\ as needed, no later than the First Review Conference of the Convention.

Action #27 Raise awareness among cluster munition victims about their rights and available services, as well as within government authorities, service providers and the general public to foster respect for the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, including cluster munition victims.

Action #28 Implement existing international standards, guidelines and recommendations in the areas of medical care, rehabilitation and psychological support as well as social and economic inclusion, inter alia through education, training and employment incentive programmes of persons with disabilities in both public and private sectors, as well as through the micro-crediting possibilities and best practices, recognizing in particular the vulnerability of women with disabilities.

Action #29 Mobilize adequate national and international resources through existing and innovative sources of financing, bearing in mind the immediate and long-term needs of cluster munition victims.

12. All States Parties, in support of the implementation of Article 5, will seek to:

Action #30 Encourage and enable States Parties to include cluster munitions victims and their representative organisations in the work of the convention in a manner that is gender and age sensitive, sustainable, meaningful and non-discriminatory.

Action #31 Include relevant experts, including clusters munitions\ survivors, and representatives of disabled persons organisations, to be part of their delegations in all convention related activities.

Action #32 Promote and enhance the capacity of women, men and organizations of survivors as well as other national organisations and institutions delivering victim assistance services, including by financial and technical resources, effective leadership and management training, exchange programmes, with a view to strengthening national ownership and sustainability.