Explosive Remnants of War: Victim Assistance, Working Paper by South Africa, 10 March 2003.
The devastating effects that explosive remnants of war (ERW) have on the lives of innocent civilians has drawn the attention of the international community to address the ERW issue so as to eliminate this scourge. Victim assistance is, therefore, one of the pillars of action to be taken in comprehensively addressing the issue of explosive remnants of war. Valuable lessons could be learned from other international instruments on how to effectively deal with the issue of victim assistance within the context of an instrument on ERW.

Explosive Remnants of War: Challenges for Victim Assistance, Berlin, 4th of November 2009 – Conference Documentation.

Providing Appropriate Assistance to the Victims of Explosive Remnants of War, Katleen Maes, additional research by Sheree Bailey, Handicap International, Belgium—UNIDIR.  The European Roadmap To wards a Zero -Victim Target, notes that its aim, in the longer term , is “… a world free from the threat of anti-personnel landmines and unexploded ordnance, in which all affected countries themselves are able to take full control of their landmine and unexploded ordnance problems and to provide victims with prompt care and ongoing assistance”.

The Impact of ERW on Children, Journal of ERW and Mine Action,15.3This article provides a brief description of the threat cluster munitions, landmines and other explosive remnants of war pose to children worldwide. The discussion of children’s physical susceptibility and the psychological and socioeconomic effects that accompany wounds and disabilities provides a broad picture of the impact ERW have on children. The article also explores rehabilitative support, as several sources provide a variety of recovery strategies that focus on community support for the future well-being of child survivors.
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