Standing Tall Australia International Rehabilitation and Research Support Services  (STAIRRSS)
Mission: to make a positive difference in the lives of people living in mine-affected communities through research and assistance to raise awareness and to promote the physical rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration of mine survivors, and other people with a disability.

101 Great Ideas for the Socio-Economic Reintegration of Mine Survivors, 2005.

This refers to a process whereby the economic development of the individual survivor is tied to a plan to better the economic situation of the community of which he/she is a member. In this strategy, a community plan is worked out whereby plans are developed, in which, either the plans specifically are concerned with the place of the survivors in the development of the economy of the community at large or where the plan involves the betterment of the community as a whole under the stipulation that survivors must be included in the overall plan for the community. These plans generally involve utilizing a planning strategy where community residents are asked to provide ideas and interests. NGO staff assists the community to develop specific plans to meet realistic ideas engendered. The planning process includes conducting market studies to ensure that the business ventures being contemplated are truly viable under current and anticipated market conditions

Research into mine victim assistance. Standing Tall Australia, 2004.

This research project was undertaken by Standing Tall Australia to raise awareness of the rights and needs of mine survivors and other persons with disabilities in mine-affected countries. The final report analyses the status and implementation of legislation protecting the rights of persons with disabilities in selected mined-affected States, examines the issues and advances in the socio-economic reintegration of landmine survivors and documents some of the programs addressing the psychological rehabilitation and social reintegration of landmine survivors.


These documents monitor progress in the achievement of victim assistance goals  as outlined in the Nairobi Action Plan 2005-2009:

Landmine victim assistance in 2006: overview of the situation in 24 states parties

Landmine victim assistance in 2005: overview of the situation in 24 states parties

Landmine victim assistance in 2004: overview of the situation in 24 states parties