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Handicap International publications available for download

Above is a link to a full list of Handicap International publications for download which provide information about landmines and cluster munitions, disability rights and inclusive development, with in-depth information.

To go directly to publications on mine/ERW victim assistance, click here.

Handicap International has produced a so-called VA package comprised of three complementary documents that address both conceptual and operational issues at play when considering the integration of assistance to survivors in light of the CRPD and disability-inclusive development

Voices from the Ground, Landmine and Explosive Remnants of War Survivors Speak Out on Victim Assistance

A groundbreaking  report , “Voices from the Ground” shows that governments around the world need to live up to their promises to landmine survivors. The report was issued in September 2009 by Handicap International with support from the ICBL and the Austrian government. To go directly to the full report in English, click here.

Armed Violence and Disability: the Untold Story

This report has confirmed the clear link between armed violence and disability.   Interviewed survivors of armed violence who sustain lasting medical conditions face many barriers in their daily lives, especially those who live in marginalized, neglected and relatively dangerous areas. Research was carried out  in 2011/2012 in Medellin, Colombia; Karamoja, Uganda; Peshawar, Pakistan; and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

SGVP Viewpoints No.2 – April 2013: Evolution of victim assistance within Handicap International

Viewpoints No. 2 describes the development and elaboration of victim assistance from the perspective of Handicap International (HI), which has 30 years of experience assisting survivors of landmines and other explosive remnants of war, and more recently small arms and light weapons. The article highlights the parallel evolution of HI’s practice and policy efforts on victim assistance, including efforts to embed victim assistance in arms control processes, promote disability rights, and prevent injuries. Examples from South Sudan and Libya further illustrate current practices and needs.

Handicap International Seminars

On this website, you will find resources from internal and international Seminars organized by Handicap International.

Below are some links directly to Handicap International publications and documents on victim assistance:

  1. Guide on Personalized social support: Thoughts, Methods and Tools for Proximity Support
  2. Policy paper on Inclusive Local Development
  3. Disability in Development; experiences in inclusive practices
  4. Policy Paper on Accessibility
  5. Access to services for persons with disabilities in challenging environments: Supplement to the seminar held in Amman (Jordan) in December 2009
  6. Recommendations for National Action Plans on Victim Assistance
  7. Good Practices for the Economic inclusion of People with Disabilities in developing countries: Funding Mechanisms for Self Employment
  8. Understanding the UN Convention On the Rights of Persons With Disabilities: a handbook on the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities
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