The Monitor

MonitorThe-Monitor Victim Assistance profiles and reports contain  information on victim assistance for every year since 1999.  They cover mine and cluster munition affected countries and areas and reports also include summaries and analysis of trends in victim assistance.

Monitor Country Profiles include summaries of developments in each country with sections related to casualties and victim assistance. CountLandmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Profilesry profiles also contain country maps and links to key resources as well as sections on mine ban policy, cluster munition ban policy, mine action and support for mine action. Major new developments are updated regularly, and data is updated annually.

Read earlier Monitor reporting

To access past Monitor reporting use the Publications Quick Search drop down lists to select annual victim assistance reporting. Just click on the drop down fields to select content [Year], [Report], [Country], and for [Section] select “Victim assistance” and click [GO].

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