Acknowledge, Amend, Assist—Publication

Posted on May 2, 2015

ACKNOWLEDGE, AMEND, ASSIST: Addressing Civilian Harm Caused by Armed Conflict and Armed Violence, a report by AOAV and Harvard Law School’s Human Rights Program, examines different approaches to assisting victims of armed violence. The 28-page report, Acknowledge, Amend, Assist, includes articles on casualty recording, civilian harm tracking, making amends, transitional justice, and victim assistance.

This publication originated in a two-day summit at Harvard Law School entitled “Acknowledge, Amend,
Assist: Addressing Civilian Harm Caused by Armed Conflict and Armed Violence.” The summit, held in October 2013, was co-sponsored by the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program and Action on Armed Violence. Through a public symposium and a private workshop, participants learned more about one another’s approaches and where their work might coincide and/or conflict. By initiating an interdisciplinary discussion, the summit provided an opportunity for experts to consider how assistance could be coordinated and where gaps remained. This complementary publication seeks to build on the collective energy of the summit and present the issues to a wider audience of practitioners and academics as well as the interested public.