Handicap International: 3 Complementary Documents on VA

Posted on April 8, 2015

Handicap International has produced a so-called VA package comprised of three complementary documents that address both conceptual and operational issues at play when considering the integration of assistance to survivors in light of the CRPD and disability-inclusive development:

1) The Way Forward on Victim Assistance: A consideration of the various aspects at play when integrating assistance to survivors into disability-inclusive development. This paper explores the conceptual landscape that ought to be considered when integrating VA into broader frameworks. Available here.
2) Factsheets: How to implement victim assistance obligations under the MBT and the CCM: Concrete actions to improve the quality of life of victims and persons with disabilities. Available in:

3) Victim Assistance Issue Briefs: How to ensure survivors and other people with disabilities benefit from, and participate in, disability-inclusive development. This set of briefs was developed following a study and discusses the three specific efforts necessary to ensure survivors and other people with disabilities can effectively benefit from broad efforts, and provides related recommendations. Available here.

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