Guidance on Child-focused Victim Assistance—UNICEF

Posted on March 3, 2015

UNICEF Paper: Assistance to Victims of Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War: Guidance on Child-focused Victim Assistance

The Guidance on Child-focused Victim Assistance is available in eight PDF documents.

The first section contains the Acknowledgements, Foreword, Acronyms and Chapters 1 through 4:

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Need for Child-focused Victim Assistance Guidance

Chapter 2. Mine Action, UNICEF and Guidance on Child Victim Assistance

Chapter 3. Victim Assistance: Stakeholders and International Standards

Chapter 4. Principles, Coordination and Cross-cutting aspects of Victim Assistance

Another six stand-alone PDF documents available for the six technical components comprise Chapter 5 Child-focused Victim Assistance:

ƒƒ Section 5.1 Data collection and analysis

ƒƒ Section 5.2 Emergency and continuing medical care

ƒƒ Section 5.3 Rehabilitation

ƒƒ Section 5.4 Psychological and psychosocial support

ƒƒ Section 5.5 Social and economic inclusion

ƒƒ Section 5.6 Laws and policies

The final PDF file, Chapter 6, contains resources and references that users may find helpful.

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