Call for Papers: Survivor Assistance

Posted on February 20, 2015

The Journal of ERW and Mine Action ISSUE 19.3 will include a feature on Survivor Assistance. The Call for Papers is out now.

Deadline: 1 July 2015
Publication: Fall 2015
*Submissions for issue 19.3 are due by 1 July 2015. However, because of limited space, authors are strongly encouraged to submit articles to The Journal before the deadline.

Feature: Survivor Assistance
The Feature section of The Journal analyzes issues or studies challenges within the scope of post-conflict recovery and mine/ERW-action. The Journal invites articles on best practices and lessons learned in survivor assistance, with a special focus on legislation.

  • What trends and global developments are occurring in the field of survivor assistance for mine/ ERW survivors as well as other armed-conflict survivors?
  • What lessons learned in mine/ ERW survivor assistance can apply to other armed conflict/war survivors and their families/ communities (e.g., those subjected to sexual violence, forced conscription, displacement, disappearances, etc.)?
  • How do national legislation and international agreements support survivor assistance in the field?
  • Are there barriers to implementation?
  • What strategies are effective?
  • What differences are encountered in providing survivor assistance
    services to men, women, girls and boys?
  • How do cultural norms and regional differences affect survivor assistance issues?
  • How do microloans and/or training affect survivors and their communities?
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