Casualty Recording: State and UN Practice

Posted on April 16, 2014

The Every Casualty programme at Oxford Research Group (ORG) and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) have both launched reports based on research undertaken to address the gaps in knowledge about the casualty recording practices of the UN and of states, respectively. With the joint launch in Geneva on 16 April, three connected publications have now been made available:

Counting the Costs: Casualty Recording Practices and Realities Around the World, by AOAV

The UN and Casualty Recording: Good Practice and the Need for Action, by ORG

And a Joint Summary of Findings and Recommendations drawing from both reports.

The research shows that currently neither the United Nations, nor most states, systematically record the casualties of armed violence. However, the reports demonstrate that the rigorous, transparent and routine recording of deaths and injuries of armed violence, both by states and the by United Nations, can improve humanitarian responses, allow for redress for victims, reduce civilian casualties in conflicts and enhance the protection of civilians.

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