Mine Ban Treaty Victim Assistance, 29–31 May

Posted on May 15, 2013

Standing Committee on Victim Assistance

The meeting of the Standing Committee on Victim Assistance will be held from 10:00 on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) building, 7 bis avenue de la Paix, Geneva.
Updates from relevant States Parties on challenges and work that remains in applying the victim assistance aspects of the Cartagena Action Plan at the national level are to be provided by States Parties that have indicated that they hold the responsibility to provide for the well-being of significant numbers of landmine survivors. These States Parties have been asked to respond to the following two questions:

1. What further progress has your State made since its last update in applying the victim assistance aspects of the Cartagena Action Plan ?
2. What specific and measurable objectives in applying the victim assistance aspects of the Cartagena Action Plan does your State still anticipate meeting between now and the Third Review Conference in 2014?

Side events

Tuesday 28 May, 13:00

Victim Assistance – Where is the money really coming from?  Considering the range of ways and means resources may be provided
Hosted by the Implementation Support Unit and the ICBL-CMC
Salle C1 (Basement level)

Since the early days of the Convention, great strides have been made in defining victim assistance and understanding the needs. What remains less clear is how assistance is actually paid for. Speakers will discuss funding sources and mechanisms which may improve the lives of survivors, some through dedicated assistance and others through broader health, rehabilitation or economic development infrastructures.

Wednesday 29 May, 13:00

Victim assistance achievements, expectations and visions – moving towards and beyond the Third Review Conference
Hosted by Austria and the ICBL


Achievements, expectations and visions side event.
 Featured image credit (top): courtesy © Convention’s ISU

Technical Workshop: Assistance to Child Victims of Landmines/ERW

Technical Experts VAOn 30-31 May, the Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Victim Assistance, Austria and Colombia, are convening a victim assistance technical experts’ workshop to develop guidelines on ways and means to address the particular challenges faced by girls and boys who are victims of mines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war.

In preparing for this workshop, the Co-Chairs solicited expert input, which was provided by a variety of organizations. Links to the PDF files of these contributions can be found here:

Handicap International






More resources and information are available on the following pages:

Landmines/ERW & Children

Child Survivors

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