Universal Periodic Review: new online submissions

Posted on March 6, 2013

The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a human rights mechanism that could be used to push for the rights of victims, survivors and persons with disabilities more generally. The UPR is a process through which the Human Rights Council reviews, on a periodic basis, the extent to which all UN member states are complying with their human rights obligations.  All countries get reviewed—even those who have not joined the relevant disarmament conventions or the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

All rights get considered—including the rights of children, persons with disabilities, etc. During review sessions, countries submit a report and civil society has the opportunity to submit one or more reports as well (in advance).

A guide about how civil society can participate in this process is available from OHCHR. (see “technical guidelines”). The calendar for when country’s review sessions will be held and when reports have to be submitted is also available on that same page, or here.

NGO reports are generally due about six months before the actual review takes place. See the UPR Info website for details.

There is now a new way to submit Universal Periodic Review NGO reports, starting with the submissions for the UPR seventeenth session (This session will include at least three mine/ERW affected countries with survivors— Senegal, Chad and Jordan.)

A new online UPR submissions system to register contributions for the UPR documentation from UN entities and stakeholders was made available as of 4 March 2013. All future contributions for UPR documentation of countries to be reviewed should be sent to OHCHR through the on-line system.

Register your NGO.

The link to the online UPR submission system is available in the OHCHR homepage.