CCM Meeting of States Parties 2012 – Victim Assistance

Posted on September 7, 2012

 The Third Meeting of States Parties (3MSP) to the CCM takes place in Oslo, Norway, from 11 September 2012. Victim assistance will be discussed on Wednesday 12 September.

Update [15/9/12]: Statements from the victim assistance session are now available here

States Parties with victim assistance obligations under Article 5 of the CCM (and other states that have the responsibility for a significant number of cluster munitions victims) are asked to give updates on their efforts to provide adequate victim assistance.

In particular, states are asked for their views on how victim assistance can be better integrated into national health and social care systems. Read more in the 3MSP programme of work.

According to the draft Oslo Progress Report, some of the key victim assistance issues to address at the 3MSP are: maximizing the potential for collaboration and cooperation between States parties and civil society actors and across related international legal instruments, as well as securing sustainable funding.

VA Synergies

CCM States Parties with victim assistance obligations: status in the Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) and the CRPD

Challenges in victim assistance are noted in the Oslo Progress Report:

  • To involve cluster munition victims and their representative organizations in policy development and practical implementation of victim assistance measures as well as within decision-making processes at all levels.
  • To foster cooperation and collaboration across all related international legal instruments to ensure that survivors’ rights are respected, with particular reference to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).
  • To maximise the potential for collaboration and cooperation between States parties and civil society actors on the ground.

According to the report the majority of the States parties and some of the signatories with obligations under Article 5 have made significant progress in implementing some or all relevant actions in the VAP.

The 1st  MSP and 2nd MSP of the CCM both took place in two heavily affected states (Laos and Lebanon), and thus focused on implementation of the operative obligations of the Convention. Norway as President of 3MSP wants to place additional emphasis on the Convention as a contribution to enhancing the protection of civilians and strengthening the body of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). States are encouraged to discuss how the CCM could be used to increase focus on the core rules of IHL and how they might be better implemented.

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